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Friday, October 18, 2013

Pakistan Win First Test Against South Africa by 7 Wickets

Pakistan Played its First test match of the series against South Africa at Dubai Cricket ground. G. Smith South African Captain won the Toss and elected to bat first. while batting First they scored 249 at the loss of 10 wickets , Main player's who perform were H Amla scoring Century 118 Runs and Jp Duminey scored 57 runs, From Bowling Side Muhammad Irfan and Zulfiqar Baber were promising one's and claim 3 wickets each.

On Reply to the South African First Innings pakistan Opener's started positivly and scoring Century stand with both openers scored fifty and Khurram Manzoor Scored Century while other opener shan masood got LBW by JP duminy at 75 Runs at that time pakistan score were 135 at loss of 1 wicket. Pakistan middle order also played positivly. Khurram manzoor Scored his maiden century against South Africa the world no1 team right now on ICC Test Ranking. Pakistan Finish their first innigs after all time got out on 442 , making the lead over south africa of 193 Runs. From Bowling Side South African Pacer once again claim wickets Dale Steyn and Philander , they are ranked as No 1 and No 2 in ICC top Test ranking bowlers , both claimed 3 wickets each.

On Reply to This South Africa Start their 2nd innings with Deficit of 193 runs and they got all out on 232 runs. No batsman stand against pakistan Spinner on the deadly pitch , AB De villier scored 90 runs only batsman who crossed 50 runs land mark in 2nd inning of South Africa. Pakistan Spinner were on Top , Claiming the top order of South africa, While Saeed Ajmal the No 3 ranked bowler in ICC test match Ranking claim 4 wickets to announce that he is still the most dangerous spin bowler in the world right now. Junaid khan pakistani pacer also got 3 wickets . South africa set a target for Pakistan for only 40 Runs for First Test match of the Series between Pakistan Vs South Africa in UAE 2013

On Chasing the Small target of just 40 Runs Pakistan lost both openers in 2nd and 3rd over respectively. Shan Masood pakistan opener got out by Philander in his first over. While in the following over Azhar Ali got behind by Dale Steyn makign pakistan score 7 for 2 in 3 overs. In the next over Pakistan Century boy Khurram manzoor Caught behind by VD Philander in his 2nd over . Making the match intersting with Pakistan losing its 3rd wicket on just 7 runs. every body was praying that Pakistan should won this. while looking at record in the past Pakistan have lost many easy games with most intersting one was at Sydenay where we lost 8 wickets in just 20 runs. 
At last both the senior Batsman from Middle order Younis khan and Misbah ul HAQ take responsibility and make pakistan home with Winning the first match against the No 1 Team in the world. 

Congratulation to Pakistan Team. Pakistan Team now leading the 3 match series with 1-0 

IMG : ESPNCricInfo
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Google Page Rank Checker

Every Website owner wants to know that what is his/her Website rank in Google , Google introduce this system to value the authoirty sites and then assign the page rank from 1 to 10
Check Your Website Page rank and You can Embed the result image in your Website to show your viewer's authority of your website.
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sanam Baloch Weds Abdullah Farhatullah Privately - Wish her Good Luck

Sanam Baloch Weds Abdullah Farhatullah

Sanam Baloch is pakistani Actress , Model , Host and Producer , Her acting always claim critical success to her and plus point she is stunning beauty which add more to her acting . She worked in many hit seriels of PTV home , Hum TV , Geo TV , ARY Digital and Express TV

She is hosting morning show from last 2 year on Samma News - 9 to 11 From Monday to Friday.
she also hosted morning show in 2005-2007 on Hum Tv Network. 

Abdullah is a Computer System Engineer , he previously was affliated with A plus Entertainment , and he currently hold Position of Creative Direction at "Hazaar Dasstan ".

Sanam Baloch Married to Abdullah Farhatullah privately but she keep it simple ,  That may be because it was private marriage , just close friends and family members were invited from both sides. 

Thought this event was Privately organized but it is expected that Sanam Baloch will make some party on her Morning show or may be some Rukhsati event where she may invite all her friends and co-workers.

While she was favourite of many young mans around the world so many have broken their heart today 
Sanam Baloch why so early , that were the Question put up many youngster's on social media. 

Further Confirmation from Abdullah Farhatullah Facebook Account.

Video Coverage of Sanam Baloch Married to Abdullah : Samma News Video

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Facebook Working fine Now on PTCL - Pakistan 24-7

Facebook was not accessible from last two days in Pakistan for users of PTCL , it was growing complaint and sources claimed that ptcl receive thousand of complain related to this issue.

Then PTCL announced that Facebook is not banned but it's technical issue that's why on some parts of country Facebook is not accessible.

They announce that problem will be resolved in short period of time. And they done it.

Now on my side Facebook is working fine. I was also among those who have not able to access Facebook. But my friend who were using other connection said that Facebook is accessible on their connection. So it was confirmed from this that it is not banned by government but some issue is on PTCL end.

 PTCL solve this matter now. Facebook is Accessible on PTCL national wide . If you have still problem Post in comments so every body should know that their is issue somewhere still exists. 

PTCL was also trending in top10 trends of pakistan on Twitter  from yesturday because of facebook Accessible issue. and some remarks against PTCL was hilarious and made me laugh alot. 

If your still facing the same issue. Change the DNS to Google DNS , It will work fine for you. Here are the steps you can change DNS to Google.

Step by Step Guide to Change DNS server Address to Google DNS 

Preferred DNS Server :  8:8:8:8
Alternate DNS Sever :   8:8:4:4

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Facebook Banned in Pakistan on PTCL Nationalwide 11 October 2013

Facebook Banned in Pakistan on PTCL .

It was not accessible on all major cities from Yesterday 11 October 2013 . Don't Know whats the exact issue but Facebook is look like banned in Pakistan.

May be Government decided to filter social websites so they decided to install filter on Facebook because it was came to knowledge that many terrorist and target killers in Karachi using Facebook as medium of communication.

because Government of Pakistan doesn't have filter so they can't take secret information from Facebook. and also Facebook doesn't have any office in Pakistan despite the fact that Pakistan have more than 40 million Internet users.

and approx. 25 million user are member of social media like twitter , Facebook and very active on it. still Pakistan government fail to bring Facebook and twitter offices in Pakistan.

PTCL Response 

When i call to ptcl they said that they didn't ban Facebook in pakistan, but they are facing technical issue which will be solved shortely.

Another source from PTCL said that this was purely technical error , and Facebook will be back within next 12 hours.

So Dont worry be patient Facebook is not banned in pakistan. It will be accessible all over pakistan on PTCL connections.

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Viber / Facebook Not Accessible in Pakistan on PTCL - will be solved in 12 Hours

It was 11 October 2013 Morning when problem started that First Viber was not accessible and then Facebook.
Many User start discussing it and confirming it from friends that whats the issue. and Fail to understand. I was also facing this issue but i thought may be some issue in internet and will be solved shortely. I talk to my friend in Karachi he said Facebook is working fine. I thought it only on my side. but then i login to twitter and saw #PTCL was trending on top. I thought why #ptcl ? I click on trend and see that everyone was pointing out the problem which i thought it only on mine side.

All were discussing that is Facebook ban national wide ? or it is only to those who are using PTCL ,  But no one confirm it. It was confirmed that it not accessible on majority of the areas in Pakistan. It was sole PTCL issue nothing was related to government or Pakistan Telecommunication authority ( PTA).

PTCL also face this issue in January this year when Facebook was not reachable on all PTCL connection national wide.

PTCL smart TV on app is also not working from 11 October 2013 , Some twitter remarks i am going to share with your on

What was the problem?
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Monday, October 7, 2013

We Will Try to Kill Malala Yousafzai Again : Said Tehrik-Taliban Pakistan ( TTP)

Tehrik-Taliban Pakistan spoke person Shahid Allah Shahid said :

 "We will Try to Kill Malala Yousafzai again , We didn't attempt to kill malala for her stance for girls education , but for her stance against islam and attacking islam "

Malala Yousafzai a girl who was shooted in head last year by Taliban , But she survive and now he lives in United kingdom and she has been nominated for Noble Peace Prize 2013 , which will be given this year.

Malala Yousufzai in her interview said
 " Death didn't want to kill me  "
In Documantry of Newyork Times , She said
" They cannot stop me. I will get my education -- if it is in home, school, or anyplace " 
She also advised British girls to not take education for granted and work for better future. she said I don't fear Taliban now. I am working on bigger cause and that is to work for girls education in whole world.

She also desire for becoming Politician in future to serve her country in better way. In Pakistan their is mix reaction about Malala issue. Some people think that she is Just play which is written out side of Pakistan , while some other admire her courage to fight against Animal like Taliban.

Noble Peace price will be decided this month. Let see she can beat other nominated people or not. Noble peace committee senior member told media that Malala is one of the most favorite for this award and what she is doing is great for girls education.

About Author:

Khurram Shahzad is a professional Accountant and doing blogging from last 2 month. He love to share news and latest happenings and has skilled for writing articles. He writes article on Technology , Entertainment , Games Movies review and latest happening around the world.
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Malala Yousafzai want to Join Politics in future to Serve Her country : Reported

Malala Yousafzai : a girl shoot on head in  swat valley in KPK Province of Pakistan last year was become famous for her stance against Taliban and Burqa. as she describe it in her diary, When Taliban attack a girls van near Swat vally,  they ask for who is malala ? , No one speak But one girl was without Hijab and covered head. They shoot her in head. Malala was first given Aid at Military Hospital and then moved to United kingdom.

Malala Speak to BBC , told that she has desire to serve her country and work for girls education that is only possible through becoming politician as we have corrupt system in placed right now which is big hurdle towards girls education.

Malala Spoke about Taliban issue as well that she does not fear from Taliban  , But we want peace in swat which is only possible through dialogue with Taliban. and i will support Government if they do for peace.

She is also nominated for Nobel Peace prize which will be given this month. A senior member from Noble peace committee already give hint that Malala Yousafzai is most favorite and most deserving for this award for Noble peace price This year 2013.

About Author:

Khurram Shahzad is a professional Accountant and doing blogging from last 2 month. He love to share news and latest happenings and has skilled for writing articles. He writes article on Technology , Entertainment , Games Movies review and latest happening around the world.

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Blast Near Peshawar - Killed 3 policemen and 2 peace committee members - October 2013

sources claimed 5 killed and serval injured on Monday 7 October 2013 Near Hospital of in Bazid Khel village of badu bher's Suleman khel area near Peshawar 

Dead includes 3 police man and other 2 were member of peace commitee. This blast came after when police claimed yesturday that Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan planeed for major bombing in next 24 hours in Capital of province Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa ( KPK ) peshawar.

This attack were series of attack on law enforcement agencies. Senior police officer said that we were aware of such incidents and we are working on making peace in this city. he also asked people to co-operate with police for this difficult time.

Peshawar has been easy target for terrorist because it is situated near to affected area Wazirstan and Terrible  areas. Peshawar is on target from last 1 month from terrorist.  First major attack was on 22 September 2013 on Kohati Churuch in Peshwar  Killing 87+ and 200 plus wounded in that incident. second was on following sunday 29 Septemeber 2013 when target was Peshawar re-known shopping area

Qissa Khawani Bazaar Killing 55 and 100+ wounded . 

Their as been confusion in Police and People that Government has decide to do a APC ( All parties Conference ) for solving the problem that what should we do , The one of the largest party leader Imran khan is stick to his stance which he is repeating since this war was started in pakistan. All parties agree in APC that we should talk to them. But seems like taliban is not interested this time. Though time have changes now . Taliban have divided to many small organization now working for their bosses to destablize pakistan. Sources claimed that many taliban group are funded by CIA and RAW to make situation unfriendly for talks in pakistan. 

Lets Hope that this problem as early as possible and we will see one Day Insh-Allah , A Happy , peaceful , Emerging as One of the economic leader Pakistan again. 

Pray for all. 

About Author:

Khurram Shahzad is a professional Accountant and doing blogging from last 2 month. He love to share news and latest happenings and has skilled for writing articles. He writes article on Technology , Entertainment , Games Movies review and latest happening around the world.

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Mera saaya bhi wo mera hamsaaya bhi wo - Urdu Poetry

Mera saaya bhi wo mera hamsaaya bhi wo....
wo mere dil ki dhadkan ke paas rahti hai....

ho jaaye jo deedar uska do pal ke liye bhi to jannat....
wo na ho to dil mera har dam udaas rahta hai....

wo khushboo mere jism ki wo nagma mera pyar ka....
door rahkar bhi uski nazdeekiyon ka ahsaas rahta hai....

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Govt of Pakistan Increase 2% VAT on Certain Goods - IMF Demands that before

Government of Pakistan Increase the 2% VAT on Certain goods on demands of IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) , Will be applicable from 5 October 2013 onwards.

This decision will Direct target the Consumer as VAT is always transfer to the party who consume , Customer will have to bear this Burden of 2% , Surpresingly Govt Agree for Increase on Home Appliences , Which cover even smaller things like Iron and also bigger one's Referigertor , A/c . This will flow a new wind of inflation into the country as we are yet facing one of the bad period of Economy downfall. In last Three month pakistan Rupee Decrease 15% from 98 to 110 and it would have continue to more but Central bank known as State Bank of Pakistan releases fund to cut the dollar price to 105.

2% VAT Increase will now take new floated inflation into economy which is already down.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pakistan Announce Squad For South Africa Series - Hafeez Dropped , Misbah leads

Pakistan Cricket Board ( PCB) announce the squad for the coming series against South Africa in land of sand , United Arab emirates , 12 man Squad named for first test match starting from 14 October 2013.

Pakistan drop their consistent openner from last 2 years , Muhammad Hafeez for unimpressive performance in this year , He played 5 test match this year with just scoring 102 runs from 9 innings , Averages 11. He scored only 43 runs against South Africa and 59 in 2 test matches against Zimbabwe.

Khurram Manzoor the openner from Karachi region who is popular for her opening with Shahzaib Hassan for Karachi dolphins under Shahid Afridi Captaincy . He is good player even in last test match he scored 73 runs against Austrailia in their home ground in 2010 Pakistan vs Australia Series , But yet he was dropped from squad and he is returned back now to test matches.

Pakistan without Chief selector have announce the squad , while for One day International and T20 International Squad Pakistan Cricket board released a press note that they will be announced later.

Pakistan dropped Umar Akmal , Asad Shafique , Ahmed Shehzad and Shan Masood from squad against West indies , They have noticed that because series is in UAE which is similiar to Pakistan so they think of trump card of spin by inducting 3 quality spinners in the side in shape of Saeed ajmal who is 3rd on Top10 ICC Test Ranking , Abdul Rehman who claim substancial wicket against Southafrica in their last series in 2010 at same venues , and Addition is Zulfiqar Baber , One of the finest Spinner in domstic circuit Pakistan have.

Pakistan also inducted 7 foot 1 inch taller pacer  Muhamad irfan to disestablish the South Africa top order with his height advantage. though he didn't show better performance against same opponents in south Africa home grounds.

Pakistan Squad for Test Match Series against South Africa 
Starting From 14 October 2013

1. Misbah-ul-Haq ( captain )
2. Khurram Manzoor
3. Azhar Ali
4. Younis Khan
5. Adnan Akmal
6. Umar Amin
7. Saeed Ajmal
8. Muhammad Irfan
9. Zulfiqar Baber
10. Abdul Rehman
11. Junaid Khan
12. Rahat Ali

About Author:

Khurram Shahzad is a professional Accountant and doing blogging from last 2 month. He love to share news and latest happenings and has skilled for writing articles. He writes article on Technology , Entertainment , Games Movies review and latest happening around the world.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Besharam Movie 1st 2 days Box Office Collection 25.6 Cror - Declared Flop

Besharam Movie is Romantic Drama Comedy Film and  released on 2 October 2013, Directed by Abhinav Kashyap and Produced by Sanjeev Gupta & Himanshu , Starring Ranbir Kapoor and Pallavi Sharda for the lead roles.
Besharam Movie Songs :
Besharam Movie Song - Tu hai , Bas tu hai  - Sung by Sonu Nigam  and Bele Shende
Aa Re Aa Re -  Sung by Mika Sing and Shreya Ghosal

Besharam film was very much in news in last 2 weeks and Ranbir kapoor was attending Shows and Still coming to show which air on TV channel for promotion of the movie.

Besharam Movie Critical Rating -  3.5 Out of 5 

Box Office Collection :

On 2 October 2013 Released date , Film was expected to do business of Nearly 25 cror ( US $3.8 million ) but it stood low and  1st  Day Collection were only   20 Cror ( US $3.2 million ) on 90% Occupancy in Multiplex falling short of expected 25 cror ( US 3.8 million ).

On 3 October 2013 , Film become disastrous movie as occupancy level decrease 60% to 70% and Movie collection were only 5.6 Cror ( US $ 0.9 million ) , Now its looking like that this film will be difficult to collect his own expenses which were 60 Cror ( US $9.7 million ) Production cost and 18 Cror promotion and advertisment. Such a heavy budget movie but failed to entertain public.

Besharam Movie Business on Box office 

2 October 2013 - Wednesday
1st day Collection - 20 Cror ( US $3.2 million )

3 October 2013 - Thursday
2nd Day Collecion - 5.6 Cror ( US $0.9 million) 

Total Collection for 2 Days = 25.6 Cror ( US $4.1 million) 

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