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Thursday, September 26, 2013

15th Birthday of Google - New 15th B'day Special Pinata Doodle & Background of B'day Doodles

Google's 15th Birthday is on the corner - Though Google was founded on 4 September 1998 , But they celebrate Google's Birthday on 27 September Every year from 2002 till now . and Specially they way Google make changes to Doodle its always loved. Google have created the history now they changes doodle for every notable person who have given his/her contribution to this world , Google celebrate his birthday by changing the Doodles and I have seen many great doodles, Google also celebrates National day of country by changing respective country doodle to wish they people of that country that we are from you. Its very nice gesture. That is the reason Google has Seen so much success they care for the user. I have Collected the Google Birthday Doodles to show you what you missed in past.

Google Doodle on 26 September 2013 Show Pinata Game 

BackGround of Google Birthday Doodle 

Note :  In the First three years Google Does not have Celebrated Birthday by changing Google Doodles so from 1999 Google First birthday till 2001 Google change Doodles but didnot Celebrate birthday through changing Goole birthday Doodle. But From 2002 till now Google Change Birthday doodles and Nothing says Happy Birthday Like Google Doodle - Put on Your hat and Sing Song For Google ;) 

Google First Doodle was on Burning man

This was the first doodle Google shows, It was based on Burning Man 

Now see the Collection of  2002 to 2008 -  7 year Google Birthday Doodles 

Google 11th Birthday Doodle - Year 2009

Google 12th Birthday Doodle - Year 2010 

Google 13th Birthday Doodle - Year 2011

Google 14th Birthday Doodle - Year 2012

Google 15th Birthday Doodle - Year 2013 

Its very beautiful game for time pass you can say.. Nothing give you more beautiful than what Google do on Birthday - 

In the End 

I would say Play the Game cause you probably have very few days or may be just two day of 26,27 September because Google will change to doodle for any coming event. 

So Play the Google Doodle Game  2013 and Post your Score Here 

Mine Highest till now 180 :) 

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